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Can I or Can’t I??

“Here goes nothing….I can do this!!!”  “Right now, I’m starting!!!” “I can’t, I’m not a writer, I’m a therapist.”  “Okay, take a deep breath, I CAN do this!!!”  “I KNOW I CAN do this!!!”  Have you heard that before? Sound like something you say to yourself?   Well that is the inter dialogue I was having with myself as I started to write my blog.  Starting something new is hard.  Even as an experienced therapist it’s hard because it is out of my comfort zone.  I love working as a therapist but I don’t like writing.  So you ask, “What CAN I do?”

First, start with positive self talk instead of negative talk. But that is not as easy as it sounds. So write down your negative thoughts.  Then rewrite them in a positive way.  Post them around your house. Say them to yourself when you pass by them.   Now, let’s go a little farther and add how CAN I do this? List ways you can accomplish the task.  What is your plan? What is your time line?What are the steps I need to take? Lastly, list who can help you, who can you talk to, where can you look for more information, what are other resources you have.    Then it’s time to put it into action, just like I did to write my first blog. It’s finished! I did it!  I can’t believe I did!  How did I do? You know what, it’s doesn’t matter, I did it!  I’m proud of myself.  It’s your turn to be proud of yourself! Go ahead, start your plan and enjoy when you accomplish it.  We don’t celebrate ourselves enough, do we? (ohhh, that’s a thought for my next blog) If you find that things still aren’t going the way you want them to, reach out to us at Serenity of Cypress Counseling.  That’s 3 ideas in less than 2 minutes by Mom of 3 in less than 2 years. Check out the picture. This is a sample of what my notes looked like as I planned for this blog.

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